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Oh yes! another post on Steve Jobs’ death

Much has been posted throughout the web after Steve Jobs’ demise – Tributes, eulogies, insults, ‘oh he was not that really great’, even posts which have apotheocised the person, others calling him just another CEO, a business Shark, posts referring to his motivational speeches, his wise words, posts ascribing wise words to him which were not even said by him, his bloopers, his blunders, his mistakes, posts like ‘Oh, Apple is really bad, XXX is way ahead of it’, ‘Apple is way ahead, simplicity, genius’, cartoons, graffiti,, the list will go on endless.

I found some ones really amusing – ‘Steve Jobs was not GOD’! and a pic with an app for Apple Users ‘Light the Candle’ even spam like ‘Apple giving 1000 special edition iPads on account of creator’s death’!

All said and done, I just wanted to put in my humble words as well… As a very neutral guy towards Apple, I just feel that if one person can make millions of people all over the world talk about him, his death and inscribe himself in their minds, he is and will remain very special… In this world of billions, very few can achieve that, very few can really stand out and be veneered by millions, create almost a cult and a legacy – for followers, competitors and critics alike. And if not for anything else, I salute him for this.

R.I.P Steve Jobs


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