Force India to use Interim design Diffusers

Force India will be be using an interim double decker diffuser design for the Bahrain GP. I believe if it works out right, the team will come at par in terms of pace with some of the cars. With Sutil missing out on golden points laps away from finish, AGAIN, this will hopefully not just be a moral boost for the drivers!


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About SPAM and energy and the environment!

So exactly how much SPAM emails do you receive in the internet everyday?! And how irritating does it get when one sneakily filters into your inbox?!

But hardly anyone would have about how much energy is consumed in sending/deleting this SPAM from the global computer networks! And if this recent study and article is to be believed then SPAM is having a more than deletrious effect on the environment!

Check out this article on the BBC

Some startling facts from the article –

  • 62 trillion SPAM emails are sent globally every year
  • SPAM accounts for 33bn kilowatt-hours of energy every year, enough to power more than 2.4m homes.
  • This is roughly equivalent to 17mn tonnes of CO2!

Do read the rest of the article. Its really good.

And if u are wondering how did SPAM get its name in the first place, check out the wiki article

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Diffusers legal in Formula one!

YES! Its official! Diffusers are legal in formula 1! Not that I doubted it anytime!

What does this mean?

  • All the cars of the three teams (Toyota, Williams, Brawn) are legal.
  • The teams and drivers retain their points.
  • It is “in your face” for the big guns.
  • Mostly all teams have come up with their own new diffuser designs so the diffuser effect will be invalidated over the next few races.
  • This move including the big guns shows just how under-confident they were about winning the hearing. Not the “100% sure” attitude you expect from teams with apparently very high technical expertise.
  • The upcoming races promises to be a thrill and actual competition between the brains behind the diffuser.
  • Other strategies like KERS will now come to the fore. More on KERS later.

(my verdict on the diffuser controversy and diffusers explained click here)

Don’t believe it?! Read it for yourself – official FIA report

Articles which may interest you:

ESPN-STAR: BMW developing new diffuser

AUTOSPORT.COM: Ferrari ‘forced’ to develop new diffuser

GP Red Bull working on double diffuser

FIA Chinese GP Press Conference: Heiki K says Mclaren will have diffuser ready in Europe

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Aussie lose series!

Yes! Australia lost the ODI series to South Africa. THey lost the fourth ODI by 61 runs, losing the series 3-1! This is SA’s third consecutive series win over Australia – proving once and for all whose the better amongst the two! SA are now back on to their deserving no. 1 in ODI rankings!

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Quote for the day

“The first achievement of the swordsman is when the sword is one with his hand – then even a blade of grass can be a lethal weapon.

The next achievement is when the sword is one with his heart – then he can strike even when a hundred paces away.

The ultimate achievement is when the sword has been shunned from his hand and his heart – he is one with himself and the world…”

— From the Chinese movie “Hero”. Saw it on World movies. N ya I know the sword is Japanese…

Image courtesy Wikipedia

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Hussey to miss IPL!

Michael Hussey has opted out of the five games he was to remain available for the Chennai Superkings (i.e. MY TEAM!)

He has cited his poor form and need to recharge his batteries with a break as the reasons! However, he will be available for selection if Superkings make it to the final and semifinal…

My take: I think it will be not be that a major thing. I mean he was crucial to the team last year but given his current form and confidence he is doing both the team and himself a world of good!

Hussey scored just 3 in what will be ultimately a humiliating defeat for the Aussies in the second one day against SA. Aus was bowled out for 131 (after 6-40 at one stage). As I press this, SA look well on their way at 87/2 in 17 odd overs

Scorecard on cricinfo

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India looking for series win

with a 531 run lead after day 3 and 5 wickets in hand, with main batsman (Bhajji and ZK!)still to come, India are looking all set to taking the match and the series with it! Yippee!

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