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Awesome basketball shot!!

This happened at ZEST ’09 at my college. The man was none other than ace COEP player and my friend and classmate Mahesh Hase. I will talk less n let you watch… enjoy 🙂

I have seen people attempt to basket one just before the timer turns to zero… never really seen such a shot yet! – once in a lifetime shot!!!!!! TOTALLY COOL!

Sadly, I could not catch it live…


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Anything happens in Pune!

Well the latest in bizzare news from Pune is : ITS RAINING!

Raining at 9:30pm on March 11!!!!!!

This is total crap… this is bad for the mango season!!!!

(it rained in sahakarnagar area for about ten minutes!)

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Simply brilliant!


So there is this very interesting widget on BBC called as the big picture. Every day a new and very interesting image is presented with only a small part shown which is in itself very beautiful and yet gives very little idea about the beauty of the entire pic. A joy to catch one everyday…

Watch one here everyday.

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Amazing Read

As my regular visits to BBC’s Science and Technology portals continue, I came upon this fantastic interview of the talented Stephen Fry talking about – the Internet!

A brilliant read as he answers many of the most mundane questions with amazing zest…

Liked his views esp on ‘books vs internet’, an unexpected story when it comes to “abbrvtn in txtn”, “internet has turned us into kings” with one exception, so true wen it comes to “spelcheck”, and the happening thing – TWITTER!

Do read about it here

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Worlds most pathetic dance video

An advertising campaign for the worlds most pathetic dance video:

Please please watch it and join the campaign

Video introduced to me by Aditya

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Back to blogging

So I am back to blogging! just a warm up post to get started! and to locate the keys for the new wordpress layout… thinking of changing the theme too

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No place to sleep.

Well, GRE material seems to be having the better of my bed! With so much material, I hardly had place to sleep…

PS: This image is just an indication of the mess that I am making and not of the amount of study I am doing for the GRE

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