Diffusers legal in Formula one!

YES! Its official! Diffusers are legal in formula 1! Not that I doubted it anytime!

What does this mean?

  • All the cars of the three teams (Toyota, Williams, Brawn) are legal.
  • The teams and drivers retain their points.
  • It is “in your face” for the big guns.
  • Mostly all teams have come up with their own new diffuser designs so the diffuser effect will be invalidated over the next few races.
  • This move including the big guns shows just how under-confident they were about winning the hearing. Not the “100% sure” attitude you expect from teams with apparently very high technical expertise.
  • The upcoming races promises to be a thrill and actual competition between the brains behind the diffuser.
  • Other strategies like KERS will now come to the fore. More on KERS later.

(my verdict on the diffuser controversy and diffusers explained click here)

Don’t believe it?! Read it for yourself – official FIA report

Articles which may interest you:

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AUTOSPORT.COM: Ferrari ‘forced’ to develop new diffuser

GP update.net: Red Bull working on double diffuser

FIA Chinese GP Press Conference: Heiki K says Mclaren will have diffuser ready in Europe


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