Rainy day at Malaysian GP

Brawn GP once again bagged top honors in the rain cut Malaysian GP!

Button came first, followed by Heifeld (brilliant race just 1 stop), the two Toyotas – Glock and Trulli , Barrichelo, Webber, Hamilton, Rosberg.

Only half points were awarded as less than 75% of race was completed. I again stress the need for a points based champion!


Some of the highlights of the day were:

  • The start. Alonso pulling off an incredible manouevre to get into 5th place. Rosberg taking the lead
  • Kimi on intermediate before the rain hit, doing the lap 20 seconds slower than others!
  • Kubica engine failure, Heiki darting off the track on his own!
  • Button showed the way its done by sensible pit stops when required – no genius stuff
  • Ferrari not getting any points once again!
  • And man! it was pouring down heavily – cars were actually leaving trails in the water on the track as a boat does! and the rear wings were separating the moisture from the air owing to heavy humidity!

All in all, an overdramatic race with a very unspectacular finish…


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