The BMW Gina

This is called Innovation!  

Gina stands for Geometry and Functions in N Adaptations.

in common language, it means the car can literally adapt and change its shape. This is achieved by pulling a polymer fibre over a metal and carbon linkage frame which are actuated by electro-hydraulic devices.

Well, it would be best if I let the pictures speak

And a neatly done video as well


What I really like about the design is that the it questions the very fundamentals and the very orthodoxy of our car beliefs. What is exactly is the function of the body frame? Is protection is one of the necessary ones? Or can the purpose of protection be achieved solely to the chassis and the body cage?

The material use is revolutionary – light, flexible, cheap, easy to manufacture.

And the most important part is the human element… The car feels human..check the video out to get what I mean… the ‘Queen’ can ‘blink her eyes’! and when the head rests get up, its like someone is looking after the comfort to the driver…or she’s revealing secrets when she opens her bonnet…

One of the few concept cars that is really sensible, logical and not bizzare!


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