Signal – A review

Genre: Comedy Marathi Drama

A good review in the newspaper prompted me to see this drama. However, it turned out below par. The most frustrating part of the whole drama was that there were only three actors. The story line was a catchy one with a last year engineering student desperate for a girlfriend out of frustration, fear and peer pressure. He along with his friend employs a “Hitch” strategy or “Partner” strategy (for Hindi movie bluffs). But no such motif would be complete unless there is anybody to portray the girl. Those incidents would have brought a real charm to the drama. “All interactions were left to the imagination.” quotes Aditya.

The only other character is a roommate of one of the guys. The typical take-it-all roomy, nonchalant and a member of “Sanghatit Yuva SAngh”. Though the character appears hilarious, the freshness is fleeting. And the jokes keep repeating.

The end though highly improbable in real life, was predicted, simply due to lack of other characters. Even that appears slightly stretched and fails to revive the smile on one’s face.

Some one-liners were really good, but not much pertinent. The theme essentially required a circumstantial comedy act than a witty one-liner one. And one felt that the topic was stretched too far with limited characters with just two people doing almost all the talking. The music between scene changeovers was really eclectic but irritating.

Though I had a good laugh, I would recommend otherwise. My enjoyment can be easily attributed to my jaunty nature or to the fact that I had just earlier laughed till my stomach ache over some really stupid scenes from the great ‘Tashan”.

Worth a watch if you are an engineering last year student and a still single hostelite. Perhaps you would associate with the characters a bit and enjoy the play.

Overall: 2/5.


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