Summing it up

I have been very busy and very lazy over the past few weeks. One of its important consequences being that I was not at all particular writing my blog. Sincerely, I missed writing. And so I am writing on Monday, rather than on a particularly wasted weekend.

The weekend holiday kicked off in German style with me spending almost an hour and a half washing my bike. With no laptop, I could hardly study. Then came the IPL shock. Chennai lost to Royals in a thriller match. It went to the wire, and just the last over made all the difference. And then I rooted for Mumbai to win (So that Chennai could make it to the semis :P) but even they lost.

Sunday was a lazy day. Saw an amazing Monaco Grand Prix with F-1 guru Aditya (pls write a long post on it so that i can conveniently link it here 🙂 ). I was really annoyed at Kimi for spoiling Force India’s chances of an almost dream finish. Also felt really sad for Sutil. I believe for once, Malliya’s golden touch seems to have deserted him.

Also saw the marathi drama – Signal. I was the only one who kept on laughing! The review is here.

Sunday was a good food day. Punjabi in the morning and amazing Chicken, Pasta and Mango desert at Aditya’s place!

I had another verbal brawl.

Also played lot of AOE and a new game IMPOSSIBLE CREATURES, courtesy Aditya.

I remember that I did some GRE words.

Lots coming up in this week. IPL semi-finalists to be decided. Lots of cricket matches going on :P. French open beginning. It is my most watched Tennis tournament purely because of the time in the day i get to see it live.

I have got plenty of project work and also a Paper presentation coming up. Really enjoying my English class and trying to get rid of the ‘shtas and the shpas’ . Also have to see LOST, read H2g2 book 4, Shantaram. Also have some catching up to do with old friends.

Till the next blog, Cheerio!

PS Apologies for not updating the IPL pages. An update and detailed analysis is due after the completion along with detailed stats.



  1. Adi said

    I was afraid of that…Kimi will be portrayed as a villain. The way you reacted after the crash was a general representation of India’s reaction. But thats natural. I wish I could do something about that! Anyway, post is up if you want to link it here.

  2. Adi said

    Oye and what about ‘Signal’?? Or have you ‘Conveniently’ forgotten about it?

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