Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Roughly translated as “Who will watch the watchmen?”, I first came across this phrase while reading Dan Brown’s “Digital Fortress“. Since then, it has sparked a train of thought in my mind, to which I return to whenever I come across any reference. Over the course of time, I came up with an answer which satisfied me completely. It is an answer, which for me, has forever silenced any further doubts and speculation on the question. I decided to put it down here in the form of a short poem:

“Who will watch the watchmen?

And who will heal the healers?

Who will guard the guards?

And who will lead the leaders?

Who will cook for the cooks?

And who will help the helpers?

Who will raid the raiders?

And who will kill the killers?”



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  1. sanz57 said


    that was a cool poem…esp. d last line… good job!



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