Tashan: The Dud

The latest BO news is that Tashan (brilliant review here) has turned out to be a super-duper flop. Not that I expected otherwise. A friend of mine who actually saw the movie the day his exams got over, was ruing the fact that he wasted 3 hours of his life. “Its a dud movie from start to end, not even good in parts”, he remarked. And yesterday itself the brilliant Tickr on MTV decided to take on Tashan. It begins as always with:


  • Whenever Saif and Kareena want to be alone, they go out and watch TASHAN.
  • Black Ticketwallah’s out of a job, after release of Tashan
  • Tashan makes Jhoom Barabar Jhoom seem like a classic
  • Bebo gets a zero figure. So does Yash Raj
  • Intermission is the best part of Tashan
  • Tashan was initially to be titled “Three Men and a Bebo”
  • Even RGV (Ram Gopal Verma for the ignorant) does not want to remake Tashan
  • 99% of all people reading this Tickr have not watched Tashan
  • Tashan flops. Kajol and Ajay celebrate

And so on… For latest tickers keep watching MTV

For the Tickr on U, Me and Hum click here

Megs actually thought it was going to work.



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  2. […] Though I had a good laugh, I would recommend otherwise. My enjoyment can be easily attributed to my jaunty nature or to the fact that I had just earlier laughed till my stomach ache over some really stupid scenes from the great ‘Tashan”. […]

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