Bhajji slapped Sreesanth?

That was the story which I saw on tv today. It came as a real shock to me as I had turned off the TV after the match result was clear. Apparently, Sreesanth was seen crying after Kings XI Punjab beat the Mumbai Indians yesterday. He looked far from shedding tears of joy and even his teammates consoling him looked pretty grim. So did Bhajji really hit him? I saw an interview with him in which he denied it. However, his expressions looked far from honest and even he put in some sentences like “between me and him” . I heard rumours that the Kings XI had filed a complaint with the match referee. We will see how this story unwinds…

Here, I must criticize Harbhajan for his unimaginative captaincy and gross inability to build up team spirit in the Mumbai Indians. Maybe it’s his fiery attitude or his apparent self-consciousness… He did looked really under pressure in the post match press conference. Team Mumbai, which has a huge fan following will be really hoping Sachin comes back and glues the team together and Bhajji goes back to his old attacking and winning ways. I will too, be hoping not only for the sake of MI but also of the national team…

Check out the article on CRICINFO

Harbhajan has been temporarily suspended until inquiry. He will be missing tomorrow’s fixture against the Deccan Chargers. Another blow to Mumbai’s morale…

The outcome of the appeal i.e. the ban on Harbhajan and my response to the entire incident is here.


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