Entrepreneurship Development

I gave one of the silliest papers in my entire life today. It was titled EDCS – Entrepreneurship Development and Communication skills, a compulsory subject. Yes, as you will agree the notion of a written paper is itself pointless. Who became good at both of them by writing papers?!

Some sample questions:

1) Out of total message to be communicated, Words contribute ___%, tone of voice contributes ___%, and body gestures contribute ___%.

Ridiculous! Answers are not: less, more & most but 7, 38 & 55%!

2) Name ten “Time wasters” in your daily life.

I mean Come ON! First of all its a relative term. And i had half a mind to put in “studying for stupid EDCS over there.

3) For 10 marks, develop and present a Business Plan.

How can anyone come up with a B-Plan in an exam? If we could do that why become engineers?! Check out Aditya’s creativity in response to it.

4) Name three records to be kept under Factories Act, 1948.


5) Please List four possible outcomes to a negotiation.


I did very badly as expected. We had to study from photocopies of 10 units going over 500 pgs and costing over Rs. 350. The matter was really good, but it was not taught completely (partly due to lack of students initiative in attending the lectures)

Thankfully, from next year this subject is being floated as an elective. Please nobody take it up. If anyone really wants to be an entrepreneur, please find another way to get the know-how. This subject aint helping anybody…

This post by Aditya sums it up for me too.


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  1. Adi said

    Haha…I am proud to say that I did not spend a single buck on this crappy subject. The best way to tackle such subjects is to get notes from a senior (like you did) or read from a friend’s notes (like I did!)

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