IPL – Team outfits

A focus on the colored kits of the teams:

Royal Challengers – A bit too flashy and glaring. Wish their batsman were that style… And yuck maroon gloves.

Knight Riders – Didn’t expect anything less from SRK. The golden helmets and pads can get irritating. Also, golden did not seem ok when they were fielding in th sun.

Chennai Superkings : Old Aussie style. Brilliant sunny yellow, just like Chennai , and with orange pads. No fuss there.

Punjab Kings XI – Red n Silver. But an out of size font on the back. Surely the spectators are coming to the ground na? Or watching from a nearby hill. (The stadium was conspicuously empty for the 1st game! And more chances for the same considering the rseult of the second). Also a bit too shiny silver pads

Delhi Daredevils: Red n Black. But why copy the nickname idea from the Aussies? Surely not all players are that well known. And the nicknames are limited to 5-6 letters. And the colors so similar to the umpires’ kits that the umpires had to switch to light blue..

Rajasthan Royals: Royal Blue interspersed with gold ( or is it yellow ochre?). Sensible enough.

Mumbai Indians: First of all why such an unimaginative team name? A silly all blue outfit with a dark blue patch in the middle. Orange lines on the sides. Will be confusing when they take on Rajasthan…

Deccan Chargers: Yes, no mistake here. The combination is a freaky flesh colour for shirts with black pants. Also, many more sponsor logos…

And GREEN was nowhere to be seen…

Next time the BCCI should come with a Fashion/Style committee to come up with some really good things in this regard…


Apparently, Kings XI Punjab have changed their shirts to red-white -red combinatin. texts are in red. They have also changed the irritating large size font. Something to do with Coca-Cola as sponsor? And also they changed their display from KXP to KXI. Numerlogy??


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