Studying Psychrometry.

A double holiday before the next paper which is AMT, and I started studying Pyschrometry. On face value, it looks simple enough, just a few definitions, a few ratios and a solitary chart… However, when you get to the problems, it really begins to unravel itself. I started with book #1, decent author, understandable notations. Unfortunately, certain parameters seemed to have a mind of their own. They duplicated themselves, took on mysterious values whose source could not be detected, and appeared in formulas which were ‘*’ marked. * reads – For complete proof, read … article from … book! Also the book had no chart. Then came Book #2, with its wierd notations and pressure in mm Hg and a capital W for specific humidity (believe me that was irritating), which was rejected straight away. Then came Book #3, a recommended reference book, which had a chart. However, the numericals had values which went off chart limits and I had to confirm with a friend, on whether complete charts existed… So finally I learnt nothing. Using different book for problems, different steam tables and still different psychro charts meant i was never even close to the right answer! So friends, stay away from local author books and please refer good foreign author books!

Do check out the Wikipedia link on psychometry. Also, a comprehensive chart and a cool psychrometric calculator (for quick problem solving, it also works offline!) from the external links.


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