Records from the Dark Ages.

Huh! Writing a post after almost a gap of twenty days! Kind of a dark age for me. Cant say really whether I missed blogging or not, actually was too busy with college submissions and other activities that I was hardly online in the last three weeks. Also the endless chatter and discussions that I have managed to be a part of, have made up for it! Well as usual so much to write about and so little time. I think I just have time to list the topics that I would have liked to blog about!

India – RSA test series: A brilliant knock from Sehwag (319) in the first test, the dramatic 76 all out in the second and the much needed win in the third. This is what sums up the series for me. Ganguly played well in last two tests. With Neo sports not available, it meant I did not see even one live ball of the series and had to rely on web n mobile for the scores. It was irritating. Anyways I am glad the series ended on a winning note. Though I believe that India did not play their best cricket, we have managed to hold on to 2nd place in ICC rankings.

IPL n ICL: Well after all the media attention and screen time it has grabbed, IPL will be finally kicking off on 18th. I am supporting the Chennai team and am thinking of putting up a detailed post on it. Also wathced some ICL matches and thought they were really entertaining. Also witnessed a bowl-out in ICL, its always fun! Hopefully IPL will live up to its hype…

F-1: Force India have been continuously improved their performance, with Fisichella mauling 12th place and Sutil completing the race FI can start thinking of actually collecting some vital points by then end of the season. Hamilton had a bad race, Ferrari showing again who’s the boss and BMW competing brilliantly.

Football: Last night watched Man U- Arsenal. The devils silenced the gunners with a 2-1 win. Lots of great matches coming up both in EPL and Champions League, and I am planning to watch some of them.

Movies, TV, Books: Well moving on from sports… Saw Music n Lyrics, Employee of the Month, Yours, Mine and Ours, 1984, Longitude, Genghis Khan and plenty of LOST episodes. Enjoyed every moment! Also some silly Youngistan ads faced with a brilliant parody from Sprite! Read excerpts from 1984 after seeing the movie. Also continued with Shantaram. Really irritated by news channels while waiting for match score.

Engg n College: Would not like to talk much about submissions n vivas. Have the BAJA team interview today. I was busy in preparing for it with endless discussions on ppts. I also attended the ‘Senate’ meetings in college. Really enjoyed it. Also sat for atleast 20-30 hours on autocad doing sheets and wrote almost 200 odd pages of submissions! Also gave a stupid EDCS test paper which I must post about separately.

Had the first mango of the season! Delicious! Also went on tekdi couple of times…

Looking Forward to: Exam getting over quickly. Next f-1 race. IPL, football, lots of books n movies, Lost season 4, project in college, back to quizzing, GRE studies, accent training, baja competition, placements, hanging out with friends, a short trip and (if possible) some days of peace and rest! Will be posting about exams soon!


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