Jet Engines: Go beyond text book limits.

To all my fellow classmates, (especially to those who are interested in reading more about their subjects), just go through the matter on jet engines on Wiki. Some really good stuff here with a nice chart with all types’ advantages and disadvantages. Also go trough the individual engines (if you still want to read more). It is tremendously helpful for the experiment to be written on it in Energy conversions ( In case you have not copied it from someone else already… or the less probable done it yourself by copying from local author books). Some brilliant diagrams, animations here to resolve all doubts.

For all you lazy ones , here’s where you can start.


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  1. Adi said

    Should have posted this earlier man! I have done it from the prac notes. This would have been immensely helpful earlier and there is no way in hell I am doing that all over again. Not for dumb EC anyway. So let it be!

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