Machine Design paper

Well I got my Machine Design – II paper for mid-semester exam today and i got 27/30. After claiming it be one of my worse written papers, I recieved some criticism about it, naturally. Well thinking over it, I believed I had written the paper that bad. It was a bit relative! With people comparing the answers at the end of the paper, I felt I had screwed up 2-3 problems in a “I should have got full” paper. It turned out, fortunately, only my last step was wrong so I did not lose many marks. Also a 6 mark problem whose answers were not matching with anyone, turned out to be correct. So was the case with a cheeky 2 marks theory question which i got correct, based purely on logic. Overall I got 4-5 marks over what I expected making it a good result! Of course the shock of the exam was Energy Conversion with me trailing the topper by 6 marks…


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