Go Force INDIA!

Well, since last year, I have been somewhat following F-1 racing and this year with the advent of FORCE INDIA, I have decided to watch the races this year. Accordingly I watched the Australian GP on Sunday morning. Sadly, Fischicella could not make it out of the first corner and Sutil had to retire. However, I believe that Force India must be given some time to make their place in F-1 racing. It is unlike cricket where any team can win on any given day. It involves much more patience and perseverance on part of the team just to earn some championship points. In India where people are rooting for miracles to happen around the corner and ‘ kismat chamak jae’ (may my destiny shine), it will take some time to accept Force India’s performance. The major and priority task will be for the drivers to finish an entire race. Its all about getting the experience in and increasing the reliability. Then only Force India can think ahead. The fact that none of the cars with Ferrari engines finished the race last sunday will be a cause for worry foe many teams.

In the end, wishing Force India all the very best for the season. Hopefully , we fans will have something to cheer about! Chak de!


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