Chennai Visit: Bosch On-Track

Well I have been sort of putting off writing about this visit for quite some time now and here it rolls out at last:

Firstly, about the event. Bosch had organized this huge event called Bosch On-Track. They had invited students from third year from mechanical, electronics, production mainly. They had set-up about 12-15 stalls divided into two sections. On one side we had the actual components along with charts and on the right were the vehicles with the systems actually mounted and in operation. Each vehicle was connected to a data acquisition system on which we could see the test being carried out and the system working.

The various systems that were covered were:

ABS: Antilock Braking system.

ESP: Electronic stability program which included ABS and TCS (Traction Control System)

LIGov: (Low Idle Governing): To avoid stalling of vehicles in low gear, it decided appropriate idling speed as per conditions and set and maintain it. One can move in traffic with just clutch control, climb in second with just clutch. A helpful tool for beginners and professional drivers alike.

SG: Starters and Generators from Bosch which were again electronically controlled to turn off the engine after preset time of idling (10 sec) and start the car just on pressing any of the pedals. A real innovation for bringing down emissions and fuel consumption which I felt should be made compulsory for all cars in India.

Cruise Control: A system to maintain constant pre-set speed. It is really common in western countries and making its way into India through Bosch and Mahindra.

Common Rail Diesel system: With Injection pressures upto 1800 bar.

Direct Injection Gasoline Engine with Turbocharging

Multiple Injection Systems. (Not official name): It uses multiple injections in the same stroke. i.e. a couple of pilot injections, a main injection and a post injection. It controlled the sudden pressure rise traditionally associated with diesel engines and reduces vibrations and sound levels. This was actually demonstrated.

Fuel Control: The friction loss in system was calculated and fuel supply adjusted to each cylinder in such a way so as constant speed was given to crankshaft.

Hybrid systems: A reva car to run on battery n bio-diesel.

BlauPunkt Music and GPS systems

The Bosch Rally Car.

The Bosch Racing Car

Baja Car

Power Tools Stall.

And any other which I may have forgotten! (Btw all are potential Paper PPT topics)

But the main highlight of course was that we were given actual demos of cars with ABS, LIGOV and Cruise Control. ABS was off course was the crowd favorite. Bosch had prepared a sand bed in the middle of which a dummy obstacle was placed. Then the car without ABS came zooming at about 70kmph and tried to steer after it ran on the the sand. Obviously it could not. One could see the wheels locked by the stickers pasted on them. Then the car with Abs came and steered brilliantly out of the way. One could easily see the wheel motion being modulated. It was a greater experience from inside the car. You could see the obstacle approaching, a jerk when the car hit the sand, the pulsating motion of the car and ease to steer clear of the obstacle. It was just brilliant!

All the Bosch staff present there were really helpful and most of them better than many professors I know! They took a keen interest in making sure we understood everything and welcomed even the childish of all doubts, always welcoming all with a smile. One of the most important things I was pointed to was that “All Automotive system development was propelled by the stringent emission norms coming day

The ON track experience was just one part of the trip. The other part was the excellent hospitality and accommodations provided by Bosch. We were accommodated in a 3 star resort with fantastic rooms with AC, bathtub and the sorts. Plus the resort had a well kept swimming pool which we enjoyed in for a couple of hours. The food was excellent with soup, both veg n non-veg main course, and dessert ( gajar halwa with ice cream once and then fruit plate with ice cream). The train journey was as always full enjoyment and time pass.

‘Thank you Bosch for taking automotive experience to a fantastic level.’, was my parting message to Bosch! All the students got a cool ‘Team Bosch’ jerkin and a cap as a souvenir.


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  1. kenathjayashankarmenon said

    Hi….read your blog and it is quite interesting….Oops! forgot to introduce self….Me Jayashankar Menon, an automotive journalist from Chennai….am reporting for three verticals: Car India, Bike India and Commercial Vehicle from the house of Nextgen Publishing Limtied, promoted by HDFC and Forbes.

    I would like to file a report on Bosch on Track event….trust you can help me to get in touch with the concerned officials, so that I can interview them get the photographs and publish the same in one of our suitable magazines….Hope you would get back to me….Jai

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