Pointless words 1

So taking inspiration from Aditya Gadre who has started this category for pointless words, I realized that I too, come across such words in a most annoying frequency. Sadly, these are the words I manage to remember (with their meanings) than the words I actually should!

Here starts the list:

sternutation: sneezing (courtesy Gadre)

orrery: a clockwork model of the solar system (origins lost in space)

boustrophedon: written from right-to-left and left-to-right on alternate lines (courtesy wiktionary)
physiognomy, countenance, phiz, kisser, visage, mug: The human face. (an eclectic entry)
ogive: (architecture) A Gothic pointed arch, or a rib of a Gothic vault.
             (ballistics) The pointed, curved nose of a bullet, missile, or rocket
             (mathematics) The curve of a cumulative distribution function.

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  1. avnish1711 said

    Boustrophedon in fact has been in use by some…
    check this post by JR

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