Film Review: Vantage Point

Genre: Drama / Thrill 

Director: Pete Travis

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Mathew Fox (of ‘Lost’ fame), Forest Whitaker, Edgar Ramirez,               Bruce McGill

My rating: 3.5/5

Well, I saw vantage point today and really like it! One and a half hours of pure action and thrill! A good plot, good characters and performances really all come together to make a brilliant film.

The plot is about terrorists killing the US President and bombing the site of a World Summit. The characters involved are personnel from the US side, a bystander with a video camera, a Spanish policeman, a TV network and the story evolves from their perspectives each beginning from a fixed point in time. The plot and suspense builds in each story, finally ending in a climax. The overall story from just one man’s point of view may have seemed too fantastic but when viewed through the eyes of each one of them, it really becomes plausible. The characters also are believable and take actions within limits of reason, no non-sense from any of them. 

The narration of the movie can be compared to that of “Rashomon” , a question on which was asked in Chakravyuh quiz! However, this is not a court trial, nor finding the truth is essential and not the first priority of the characters in the story. We are only seeking the truth!  

A brilliant car-chase showcases the brilliant camerawork which is coupled with excellent screenplay throughout. 

Worth a watch if you have a couple of hours to spare!


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