Paper, Party n Play off

Actually this was supposed to be my early morning post! Its 5 am and I have been up for about one and a half hours now! The reason? Suddenly woke up and drank some water and could not sleep after that and then remembered that there was the Ind-Sri cricket match. So now have turned on the TV, taken Dad’s laptop!

For the record, Srilanka are 21-1 after 5.2, Parera bowled out by a superb delivery from Ishant! The ball pitched about 6 inches outside off, slightly straightened and knocked the top of off stump! Perfect delivery!

Haven’t had a chance to blog for 2 days… Saturday, after my exam got over, I and Aditya had to work on the presentation to be done the next day! It was on Magnetic Refrigeration at MIT, Pune. The presentation was more than satisfactory for me! However, we did not make it into the top three. The judges were really excellent and asked really brilliant questions to all. Overall, the session was ok, with paper quality going from pathetic to brilliant! But some things really struck me. First was the pointlessness of MIT in selecting 15 papers for the finals when they had given just 8 topics. This meant that most of the paper topics were repeated. Actually, they were three from a very specific topic from MagRef! Atleast you could have kept some variety for the judges. Ours was the second in MagRef and by the time the judges had moved on to the third, they were really bored. Also, 15 papers plus lunch break meant that the judges were at it for about 5 and a half grueling hours. Second was the request from MIT to not put our college names on the ppt. It could have been to advocate fair judging or to conceal the fact that most papers were from MIT itself! However the first prize was one by a guy from Iran, his paper on cab driver simulation modeling was easily the best paper of the lot. Second went to a boy MIT who had a ppt on Rocket boosters. He had the material but he had the attitude too. Decency and respect were clearly things he had to learn. The third went to a couple of guys from VIT. Theirs was also a good presentation , concentrating on the safety aspect of  Intelligent vehicle system with some really cool videos! In the end I felt, that our topic let us down. It was specific and it was common. I will keep that in mind for the future.


Another score update now, Sri 61-1 in 11.4, Sangakkara and Jayasuriya are really taking the attack to India.


So my day at MIT meant I did not get to see even a single ball live of the brave Indian chase against the Aussies. I was constantly keeping up with score updates but I must admit, had lost all hope when I heard the Aussie score. Still, I believe the run chase just reflects the new aggressive, attacking and never give up attitude the youngsters have brought into the team. And though India dies lose the game rather badly, the innings such as on Sunday still manages to keep hopes and spirits alive! Come on India, win todays match! Chak De!


Sunday evening , there was the birthday party which was really a hit! And yesterday morning went to the OSCARS, afternoon to doing nothing in college, evening with friends at Mc D, and Kahwa, and night to carrom and TV!


Will sign off for now. 


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  1. Adi said

    Mag Ref was my first paper on a core techie subject and I couldnt have asked for a more suitable partner. I hav to admit I enjoyed presenting this paper very much eventhough the subject was not even close to my favourites. Credit goes to you man! But as you said, the very topic let us down. I think we should stick with automobile now. Lets c what the future holds

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