I had a exam on Advanced Manufacturing Techniques today. It is a highly promising elective course and the course content too is good. But what really adds to the subject is highly qualified and experienced faculty members! The lectures are simply amazing, much of a open forum than a one way lecture. Professors have shown us some amazing videos which not only help the understanding but also help keep the interest. We have polymer processing techniques, Rapid Prototyping and EDM and Laser in the first few units. Out of these we have an excellent Micro-machining lab where we have a Wire EDM and LASER machine. It is the highlight of our mechanical department. We have been given good liberty to work with the machines too, with lots of encouragement to take on some sort of assignments on them. Even the regular assignments have been really challenging and I still have to submit mine!!

Considering all this, with a vaguely defined curriculum and very less reading material with me on the subject, i expected todays paper to be full high fundas, application oriented, tough out of the book subjects. Instead, surprisingly,  we had a pretty ordinary paper with all the expected questions. I was really bored writing the paper conscious that all students must have written almost the same points and answers. There was little scope to show any innovativeness or distinctiveness! And worse still, there were a couple of birds emptying their lunch around me which meant i had to constantly change places and confirm bird positions every few minutes!!

Strangely the Operations Research paper was also ridiculously easy after a really tough problem in the surprise test!

Anyways tomorrow is heat transfer, so there is plenty of scope for the examiners to make up for today’s paper!


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