Paper got selected! yeah!

well it seems that starting to write this blog seems have to proved to be good luck charm!

no sooner had i logged off i received a call from MIT ( the one in Pune) telling me that my paper had been selected as one of the finalists in their technical paper presentation competition at Axlerate 08! I have co-authored the paper along with Aditya B ( who will be updating his blog about this soon). The topic of this paper is ‘Magnetic refrigeration’ and we have explained its principles, its different working cycles, applications and future prospects. It has been a real enjoyment putting all together and nothing is better than getting a chance to present it in front of a audience! ( hehe just being a bit modest…will obviously be competing for the first prize!) well we have to present it on the 24th the day after my exams get over and on one of my best friends bday (hope that it proves lucky!).

And to prepare for this we will have to ditch studying for the EDCS (read Entrepreneurship development and communication skills) . Atlast found a good reason not to study for that subject other than of course its really poor exam pattern! I mean , COME ON, who became an entrepreneur after mugging a bunch of definitions from some crappy old xerox!! N why force it on ppl who dont want to be one?! well another post must definitely be dedicated to it. Wouldn’t want to spoil the mood for now!


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